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About Tuition Centre

Established in 2015, Inspire Future has been leading tuition services for all primary levels for English, Maths & Science. Inspire Future is a focus learning centre which holds from 5-8 students per class to ensure 100% focus and utmost attention to the lesson. In Inspire Future, your child will be taught by caring, competent tutors who will guarantee progress in terms of results with confidence and right attitude.

All Group Tuition Classes
Assignment Code Level Grade Subjects Price Area Days
4180099C Primary Pri1 English, Math $112.02 West Mon, Mon,
4180100C Primary Pri2 English, Math $120.00 West Mon, Wed,
4180101C Primary Pri3 English, Math, Science $128.00 West Tue, Thu, Mon, Tue, Sat,
4180102C Primary Pri4 English, Math, Science $160.00 West Mon, Wed, Fri, Fri,
4180103C Primary Pri5 English, Math, Science $172.00 West Tue, Thu, Tue, Fri, Mon,
4180104C Primary Pri6 English, Math, Science $188.00 West Thu, Thu, Fri, Fri,

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