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Providing the best education to your child is a necessity in the current competitive world. Students often find themselves saturated in their academics and require assistance.

Apr 29, 2019 | Primary | Pri1 | Creative Writing

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3 Steps to Choose a Good Tuition Agency

Providing the best education to your child is a necessity in the current competitive world. Students often find themselves saturated in their academics and require assistance. Therefore, to help your child score good grades and improve his/her overall performance, you simply cannot ignore the role of tuition. In a research conducted on a certain student’ population, 50 per cent of the population had attended a certain type of tuition in their school/college days.

A tuition centre is regarded as one of the last resorts which parents can avail to help their children overcome the academic challenges they may be facing at school. You will find several registered and approved tuition centres in Singapore. But what criteria you should consider ensuring that the tuition centre in question will be of benefit for your child? Are the tutors qualified enough to help your child?

What will be the learning environment at the tuition centre? These are certain questions which you will be having in mind while you hunt for a good tuition centre for your child. Thus, as a responsible parent, it becomes very important to select a tuition agency that is trustworthy and reliable. In this blog, we will be discussing 3 most important steps you should keep in mind while choosing a tuition agency for your child.

1. The tuition class size:

Your child may already be having difficulty in school under a group setting. As such, smaller class size would be a more viable option to maximize his/her learning potential. In a small class, students find it more comfortable and easy to ask their queries and the tutor will be able to offer personalized attention to the needs of each student.

On the other hand, in large class size, there is tension on both the sides. For students, it gets difficult to ask their doubts individually and get them cleared while for teachers, it becomes difficult to manage such a large group and pay individual attention. This is the reason why a small classroom size erases these issues and makes sure that the child receives effective tuition.

2. Impeccable teacher credentials:

Next, you should look into the credentials and background of the teaching staff at the tuition agency. Before taking the services of a tuition centre, you should determine the qualifications of its teaching staff. A tuition centre that is stringent in maintaining standard qualifications of its teaching staff would not refrain from disclosing its teachers' credentials to assure that they are professionally qualified to perform the services. Moreover, besides the general qualifications of its teaching staff, it would be best if the centre also has a tutor that holds necessary expertise in the subject your child requires help. In this way, you can be sure that your child will have a deep and meaningful private tuition experience.

3. Understand your child’s needs:

Knowing and understanding the specific needs of your child is perhaps one of the most significant points. You may have found the best tuition agency, but if it does not meet your child’s needs, then it is entirely pointless to enrol your child in it. Before engaging the services of a tuition agency, you need to determine the areas where your child requires help in specifically. A good tuition agency is the one which comprises of tutors that can understand your child’s requirements and are creative enough to customize the presentations of lessons, concepts, and ideas in a way that will grab the attention of your child.

You have to remember that you are looking for a tuition centre that can help your child with his/her difficulties in school. The tutor should be able to use an innovative approach to the presentation of materials and content that your child finds difficult to comprehend as presented in school.

Besides these factors, it is also important for the tuition agency to have a conducive learning system and environment which keeps your child focused on studies. From the way the teachers interact and connect with the students to the way they deploy learning materials and content, everything should proceed in a manner that benefits each student in the class.

Trying to find the best tuition agency for your child requires research. As such, you should ask other parents if they know any good tuition centre or research online. Go through the websites of a few tuition agencies and check the testimonials and reviews, the fee structure, location of the centre and the services offered by them. Finally, compare and choose a reputed tuition agency which meets your child’s requirements.

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