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Tamil is a commonly used language in many parts of Sri Lanka and India. Interestingly, it is also accounted among the four recognized languages in Singapore.

Apr 29, 2019 | Primary | Pri1 | Tamil

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Tamil Tuition Singapore

Tamil is a commonly used language in many parts of Sri Lanka and India. Interestingly, it is also accounted among the four recognized languages in Singapore even if certain schools in Singapore have not made it mandatory to learn Tamil. Tamil is considered as one of the ancient languages in history which provides promising insights into various intriguing subjects related to the Tamil culture. Majority of historical pieces of music, drama and literature in Tamil culture have been scribed in Tamil language.

Private tutors in Singapore

A busy schedule would be the foremost barrier for learning Tamil as a second language in Singapore and is observed commonly among working individuals and children attending school. Therefore private tutors are considered as the go-to option if you have to learn this appealing language and that too with the flexibility and convenience of your home as well as suiting your time schedule.

Tamil is common as a spoken language among the largest ethnic groups in Singapore. After the adoption of English as the first language in Singapore, Chinese, Tamil and Malay are the title holders of ‘second language’. One of the notable benefits of learning Tamil in Singapore could be identified in sustaining the essence of one of the oldest cultural factions residing in Singapore. Learning Tamil could help particularly in business ventures or family gatherings where you could interact in Tamil with least effort and without violating any cultural precedents at the same time.

Learning Tamil in Singapore:

It has been observed that many schools in Singapore do not provide the facility of teaching Tamil. This calls for students from different schools to be brought to a single place for teaching them. However, such efforts fail to produce desired results particularly due to the time limits for teachers that are reflected in their teaching efficiency. It would be inappropriate to question the effectiveness of students in learning Tamil in a short period of time. On the contrary, it would be recommended to opt for a private tutor so that the students could be able to learn the language alongside ascertaining the cultural aspects of Tamil.

Special attention:

The option of a private tutor for Tamil could also be considered valid on the grounds of the fact that students would be able to get a solid grasp of the various dialects in the language. This would contribute to improvement in the proficiency of students in speaking Tamil. Students who learn Tamil in a classroom environment could also be expected to hear the teachings incorrectly that is subsequently reflected in their wrong pronunciations. The services of a private tutor would ensure that the child receives personal attention and achieves comprehensive fluency in Tamil.

Since Tamil is accounted as a major language in Singapore, various students could make the most of private tutors to accomplish superlative academic grades in Tamil examinations. At advancetutors.com.sg, we are committed to provide tutor services for all levels of education ranging from preschool to junior college. We are also apprehensive of the tight schedule of school curriculum and thus we strive to provide private tutor services at the convenience of your time and place.      

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