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In today's world, Mathematics and Science are two most critical, and yet powerful subjects, which cannot be ignored at any cost.

Nov 16, 2018 | Primary | Pri1 | Science

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Today, many professions revolve around Science subjects like the Medicine, Research, Engineering and much more. So, it is important to learn Science and Mathematics, and if a student will build up a good knowledge in these two subjects from the very initial stage, then it would be easy for them to accomplish any sort of goal.

Knowing the value of Science, the Singapore education system has implemented Science as a compulsory subject. Science subject has been included in the primary, secondary, as well as in the other higher levels, because every stage is linked, and students need to explore to it more and more. As the demand of science subject is emerging in every nook and corner of the world, the need for a Science tutor is also increasing in Singapore.

Science Is Not Only A Subject But, A Game-Changer!

Opting for this subject will open various ways to achieve the dreams, and students can learn different facts regarding the day-to-day life. Moreover, students are going for Science-related subjects to have a bright future. This subject further includes chemistry, physics, and biology, which will help in making the base strong and will give better career opportunities.

Thus, Science tutors help the students to understand the concepts better, and also guide them to implement the same in the future. Teaching students is not everyone's cup of tea. Getting a reliable Science tutor is not the end of the story; rather there are many things to consider. Tutors need to provide the best knowledge to the students and help them solve the complex problems and formulas. Moreover, A Science Tutor can provide valuable knowledge to students in Science subjects – Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Why Advance Tutors?

Science is very important part of life, Knowing the importance of Science, the Ministry Of Education (MOE) has made Science a compulsory subject for all students in Singapore. At primary level, it accounts for 25% of the total aggregate PSLE score. At secondary level, even arts students have to take at least 2 combined Science subjects for their O levels.

Getting a relevant and trustworthy tutor is quite difficult. Moreover, the student should choose tutors who can easily handle their issues and will clear all their doubts and concepts. And tutors should teach all the lessons and must allow the students to do it practically. At Advance Tutors, you can choose from a qualified list of teachers with years of experience in the field of Science, so that students can perform well in examinations, and will pass with good marks.

Advance Tutors is a leading tuition platform where you can explore thousands of private home tutors in Singapore. We help the students and parents to find the best professional tutors working day and night to bring the best Science tutoring to a large number of students in Singapore. We value your child’s education and ensure that our Science home tutors are professionals and they have the capability to help your child to improve their Science grades.

Advantages Of Opting Tutors from Advance Tutors

  • Tutors will explain every lesson and will focus more on the child's growth. Moreover, they will also do some scientific research regarding some specific topics and will teach the theories with the help of the examples.
  • Science subjects are mandatory for students in Singapore. In O level, every student has to study two or three science subjects. The science tuition in such situation will be helpful as the student’s requirement to properly grasp the subjects (Physics, Chemistry and Biology).
  • Parents should need to relieve the pressure from their child and help them through finding the best science tutor. Science tutor will be able to provide individual focus on your child and specially instruct your son or daughter about the difficult principles.

It will be quite difficult to survive, if you will ignore Science. So, when the situation arises to hire a tutor, try to choose the option of home tuition, or one-one tuition, which would be very much beneficial for you. Students can surely learn more, and their doubts will also get cleared.

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