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The education system in Singapore is considerable challenging with the requirements for beginning schooling from an early age.

Apr 29, 2019 | Primary | Pri1 | Phonics

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Phonics Tuition Singapore

The education system in Singapore is considerable challenging with the requirements for beginning schooling from an early age. It is mandatory for children to have reading, writing and speaking skills prior to admission in primary school education. Hence the admission of children in pre-school education since the age of 3 years is commonly observed in Singapore. However, children may still face difficulties in performing effectively at par with their peers as well as daunting challenges in terms of writing and reading irrespective of the amount of efforts invested by the parents. These issues are generally accounted as notable reasons for decreasing confidence of students in Englishthereby leading to their withdrawal from the subject.

Making it easy to learn:

At, we aim at supporting students that experience such issues by opting for the best approach of imparting phonics tuitions in Singapore. Phonics could be simply defined as a technique that is used for teaching about reading and writing the English language through synchronization of spellings and sound. The use of Phonics for teaching English to children is considerably different from the conventional methods and has been found to be comparatively effective. Phonics involves emphasis on the pronunciation of each word for better pronunciation of each word and memorizing them effectively. Another feature of phonics tuition is that it is more fun for children to learn English that keeps them interested in the subject.

Need for phonics:

We have been able to note that in the course of recent years parents have refrained from the importance of phonics for their wards. Allow us to outline some of the essential case scenarios in which you should opt for Phonics tuition for your child.

  • Underperformance of children in the primary schooling period
  • Ineffectiveness of other English teaching methods
  • Parents are interested in providing fun learning experience for children rather than pressurizing them
  • Parents are wishful of preparing their wards in reading and writing skills before commencement of primary education

Based on the above mentioned scenarios, it can be noted that the basic objective is to accomplish superior performance for children in English. On the other hand, it is essential to focus on practice and methods of Phonics in order to help children in understanding the teachings comprehensively.

At, we comply with a set of scientific and sequential guidelines for education of young children. The curriculum of phonics classes provided by us includes reading, playing games, verbal and written exercises. Various schools in Singapore are increasingly adopting this type of method along the lines of countries such as Australia, the United States and England.

Selecting us:

On the off chance, if your child has never been acquainted with such methods, our phonics tutor services in Singapore could be just the right assistance you have been looking for. Please take a look at some of the benefits which you can find in our tutoring services at as follows.

  • We rely on the experience of our tutors in Phonics teaching for delivering the best results
  • The involvement of our tutors for many years in the field vouches for their awareness of the different methods of teaching phonics. You can see it for yourself when your child is able to pronounce and memorize difficult words with the least bit of trouble
  • Our tutors at are committed to provide an engaging learning experience to children for obtaining the best results of students in phonics.
  • Apart from these benefits, you would also find that we focus on each child individually during the teaching process.

Now that you know about our services in Phonics teaching in Singapore, there should be no doubt in getting in touch with us immediately!     

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