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More than half the student’s population in Singapore opt for the chemistry subject.

Apr 29, 2019 | Upper Secondary | Sec3 | Pure Chemistry

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Chemistry Tuition Singapore

More than half the student’s population in Singapore opt for the chemistry subject. After the completion of training, the students need to go through the tests organized by MOE (Ministry of Education) that consists of practical assessments and theory papers for the chemistry subjects where the skills of the students are tested.

Getting access to a trustworthy chemistry tutor can be pretty difficult especially if you want your child to score better in the tests. We have a capable team of brilliant brains working for us as tutors who provide private tuitions in Singapore. Our success as tutors can be seen with the testimonials provided by the past clients. We house only the best and experienced tutors that come with a deep understanding of the subject. Our teachers will make chemistry an easy to understand subject for the students especially for difficult topics such as a periodic table, organic chemistry, and chemistry based formulas that will surely enhance the understanding of the subject.

All our chemistry tutors are skilled with diverse topics that come of assistance to your child starting from the basic level to secondary schools leading all the way to IP, IB, Junior colleges, and the tertiary or polytechnics levels. As opposed to the chemistry group tuitions, we offer a better and scalable one-on-one session for your child.

Tuition for the Combined/Pure O-Level Chemistry

The updated chemistry syllabus in Singapore is aimed at providing the students with ample scope for mastery over the subject with adequate information. The course comes with topics such as applications of chemistry in environment, daily life, as well as social issues including energy & chemical industries or usage of chemicals for product production. 

The perfect choice for chemistry tutor comes from our umbrella where the tutors help your child score better grade at tests for GCE O-Level Chemistry Examinations. They tutors are also trained to assist the children with garnering enhanced understanding for the science-based applications while studying the applications along with limitations of the subject. The tutors create interest and curiosity among the children regarding scientific discoveries while preparing them for the advanced studies if they wish to go for the higher level education in chemistry.

H1/H2 JC A-Level Chemistry

The A-Level of chemistry tends to be difficult to understand creating pressure over the students. The tutors we help you you understand the complicated segments of the subject such as reaction kinetics, optical isomers, and even the halogen derivatives. This comes as no surprise that a higher number of overall students with JC chemistry have been opting for private tuitions as opposed to the students with basic level chemistry. Additionally, the A-level subject also comes with demanding practical assessments along with difficult examinations for skills.

Why is opting for chemistry tuition crucial in Singapore?

Chemistry is a mix and match of theory with practical while the theory aspect is more diverse. It requires a proper study plan along with good methods for studying. The tutors opted by you for the students will surely help the learners have a better time in understanding these topics.

Each tutor provided by us comes with ample experience in the teaching profession, especially for the chemistry subject. Our tutors go for the step-by-step approach for better understanding and simplification of the complex aspects while breaking down the formulas. Additionally, our tutors train your children into taking notes that help with maximization of their efficiency.

Simply opting for chemistry classes at the JC level isn’t enough, it needs individualized attention for better hold over the basics and all the things that follow. Our tutors ensure that your child doesn’t lag behind especially when it comes to decoding the complex topics. Apart from helping the students understand the rhythms of chemistry, the tutors also train them efficiently to be placed within better ranks in the class.

Chemistry is a subject that comes with the fascination of understanding the chemical side of everything that goes on around us. However, not being good at the subject can be reason enough for your child to hate the subject. So before your child gets to that point of hatred for a subject, it is better to hire an eligible tutor by getting in touch with us.

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