6 Powerful Tips to Improve Your English Writing Sk

It is a little bit hard to improve the English writing skill for the non-native English speaker.

Jan 07, 2019 | Pre-School | K2 | English

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But don’t worry. You know, "well the plan is half done". If you start your journey in a planned way to improve English writing skill in 2019, you can easily reach your goal by following the six tips.

  1. Develop your vocabulary

There is no alternative way to improve English writing skill without learning vocabulary. It is not enough to memorize them; you have to learn the proper application of the word.

Please learn a few synonym and antonym of your targeted word.

In the very first stage, it is indeed a tedious and challenging task. To learn effectively, you can use flashcard or chalkboard. If you memorize five words per day, after one month you will gain 150 words. Not bad at all for a fresher.

  1. Improve your Grammar

Fundamental knowledge of grammar is essential to write well in English. If your writing contains a lot of grammatical mistakes, it will not be acceptable to anybody.

Improve grammar is not a hard job. By following any standard essential grammar book, you can overcome your weakness in grammar. If you think that it is painful, you can also enlist the help of an English tutor in Singapore who can assist you with improving your grammar.

  1. Right spelling of the word

Accurate spelling is essential for standard writing. There is a lot of close word in the English language. If your spelling is not correct, the meaning of the sentence will change, for example, the pronunciation of “know” and “no”. It is similar for pronunciation but the meaning is different.  So, be careful in the arena.

For correct spelling, you can take help from the dictionary. If you write in your computer, then you can receive the help of some fantastic software like Grammarly. 

  1. Read regularly

Regular reading habit is beneficial to improve in English. When you read regularly English book or newspaper, it will help you to develop your vocabulary knowledge and sentence structure. Simultaneously, you will understand how to write a standard article in English.

I can give you a special tip regarding reading the newspaper. To follow my suggestions, you need a notebook and a pen only.

It is straightforward that you will find some unknown word while reading the article or news on newspaper. Just note down the unknown word and discover the meaning of the word. You have to memorize those words. Do the same thing regularly. Hopefully, after some days, you will hardly find the unknown word. It is a proven technique.    

Beside this, you can hear English news like BBC news. It will increase your listening skill. 

  1. Translate regularly

It is not a significant matter that where you live or what language you speak to write well in English. You need precisely a strong passion to translate regularly from English to your primary language and your basic language to English. It may be from a newspaper or an online article.

If you can translate at least 100 words per day for three months, I can assure you that you will reach the milestone where you want to go. It sounds easy to do but not easy to do on a regular basis. In this case, you have to motivate yourself. 

  1. Try to speak in English

You may think that this article is related to writing skill, but I advise you to talk in English! Yes, I do. When you speak in English, it helps you to develop the sense of sentence-making as well as the translation power. Really Amazing! Isn’t it?

One thing, you have to ensure that is the implementation of your daily learning through speaking. Suppose, you read proposition today, then try to use the appropriate preposition (like depend on, peace upon etc.). It is applicable for all the grammatical items as well as the vocabulary.

These tips are proven and helpful for those who want to improve their writing skill. Follow these tips is not a very hard job. You need enough passion to learn.

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