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153, Serangoon North Ave 1, #01-472

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Code: 5180090D
Level: Primary
Grade: Pri4
Subject(s): English
Lessons per week: 1
Hours per lesson: 2 hours/lesson
Time Slots:
Mon 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM Max. Class Size: 5
Address: 153, Serangoon North Ave 1, #01-472
$50.00 / hour
$300.00 / month


Mrs Paul is a very helpful and effective instructor. Feedback from a student and parent: From Mrs Rose Verghese, mother of Joshua Varghese, former Primary 6 student from Northland Primary School: "I call Mrs Paul a Godsend. After a few lessons, he was able to articulate his thoughts and pen them down so well, I was amazed. She was gracious. My Joshua scored an A for PSLE. I will definitely be sending him to her again in future and I would strongly recommend her to any child that needs help in English." From S. Vignesh, Secondary 3 student from Anderson Secondary School: "I undertook intensive English lessons from Mrs Paul three years ago. Her tuition has given me the special skills, in depth knowledge and confidence to do well. Eventually, I sat for the English entrance examination and proceeded to Secondary One. I am very grateful that she is tutoring me again for my Secondary (Express) English subject."


1. MRS. PAUL, PhD (Education and Action Research Studies), MSc, MA (Education and Training), MBA, Diploma in TESOL, Cert in Speech Development and Creative Drama, Cert in Phonics and Cert in Autism (Autism Resource Centre, Singapore). 2. Former NIE Lecturer (NTU), former PhD examiner (The University of Sydney), action research consultant, academic and creative writing instructor. 3. Full-time, committed tutor. More than 15 years of experience. Having taught thirteen special needs students including those with Autism and Dyslexia. 4. English tuition, one-on-one and small group, K2 to JC levels. 5. According to MOE English syllabus. 6. Pedagogical approaches used: explicit teaching, accommodation for sensory and self-regulation needs, differentiated instruction, Universal Design for Learning, breaking up process into manageable steps, and instructions imbued with lots of encouragement, motivation and patience. 7. Tuition Location: Block 153, Serangoon North Ave 1, #01-472, S’ 550153. A flexible learning layout and friendly, conducive environment. Call/SMS/WhatsApp: 8687 1445. OTHER CONTRIBUTIONS: 1. Served more than seven years as editor of a scientific journal. 2. Volunteered as research consultant for secondary students’ science research, and project advisor for school’s community projects. 3. Volunteered as a counsellor for groups of school students-at-risk at primary six, secondary two and JC levels. 4. Has acquired several years of past faculty experience: - Six years: National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Part-Time Lecturer. - Two years: University of South Australia, part-time Doctoral Supervisor. - Six years: The University of Newcastle, Australia, Adjunct Professor. - One year: Monash University, Faculty of Education, Master’s Degree Field Supervisor. - Five years: The University of Sydney, PhD Examiner, Master’s Degree Honorary Associate Supervisor. - Six years: Southern Cross University, Australia, PhD Supervisor and Adjunct Visiting Fellow. - Two years: LaTrobe University, Australia, Adjunct Senior Lecturer.

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Name: Mrs Paul
Age: 60
Race: Chinese
Qualifications: PhD
Experience: >15 Years
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