Sec4 Pure Chemistry
266, Serangoon Central

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Ongoing Class
Code: 5190161C
Level: Upper Secondary
Grade: Sec4
Subject(s): Pure Chemistry
Lessons per week: 1
Hours per lesson: 2 hours/lesson
Time Slots:
Wed 06:30 PM - 08:30 PM Max. Class Size: 5
Address: 266, Serangoon Central
$30.00 / hour
$240.00 / month


Looking for a quick way to improve your conceptual understanding for Math or Chemistry? Our tutor has great experience in teaching these two subjects, having taught his students over 2 years, helping them get As in their exams consistently. The lessons in school or the textbooks always tend to include extra/irrelevant information that students do not need to know. We teach in a way that is concise and go straight to the key points, so our students will know exactly what to focus on in the topic and how to answer the questions in examinations accurately. At Imperium, we would like our students to be ahead of the current syllabus in school for two main reasons. 1) The absorption rate in classes might not be the highest due to the class size/lecture system, we want students to go into class treating it as a revision of what they have learnt. 2) Students will not be confused and can actively participate in class discussions, or ask questions to clear any doubts without fear. It is much easier to actively learn in class when you already have a pre-existing foundation and knowledge of the topic, and this has been proven and validated by existing students' testimonials. Lastly, we provide exclusive materials which are tailored to your student's pace and needs. Our questions are handpicked so that students can be exposed to common examination questions and questions which help strengthen their concepts, instead of simple Yes/No questions. Our timings are flexible and negotiable, contact us at 81801399 for any enquiries! Thank you and have a great day! :)

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Tuition Centre @ Serangoon - Learn from RI Graduates who are fresh with the syllabus and very approachable! Our experienced tutors will teach you various exam techniques and methods to shorten your preparation and studying time, guaranteeing immediate results and improvement!

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