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Interested tutor profiles sent to parent. Parent chooses the tutor with date & time of lesson


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The Advanced Matching System revolutionizes the way in which assignments are matched. Parents can now in real time view and compare tutors interested to teach in and make an informed decision themselves.

Complete Confidentiality

Your clients’ details are confidential and Advance Tutors will not reveal/ contact them in any form.

The details of your clients and tutors will be kept confidential from each other and will only be disclosed after the lesson is confirmed.

Saves Time

This reduces the inefficient back and forth between coordinators and parents to get minor details. Track the progress of your assignment and keep yourself updated.

Improve Efficiency

Parents can view tutors real time from a click away in their emails and confirm lesson. Increasing the rate your assignments are closed.

Your Agency is always Promoted

Your agency/ coordinator’s name is always listed on the email communications when sending to parents and tutors. Parents will also make payment directly to you.

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If your clients prefer you to call them instead to do the matching, feel free to do so as well.


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Details for Automated Emails

The Advanced Matching System will match tutors to parents seamlessly. There’ll be automated emails of assignment details, tutor recommendations and invoice sent to both Tutor and Hirer. In these automated emails, we’ll display details of your agency, hence kindly fill up the details as below:

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